ATTENTION: For Those who are serious about Developing a Private Label Brand...
Finally! An easy-to-follow process to Secure a Trademark for your Private Label brand with No nonsense and headaches
(And It Doesn't Cost a Fortune)
Easy 3-Step Process:
Step 1: Fill Out Your Intake Form
We’ve put together a simple intake form where you’ll enter the details of your trademark.
Step 2: Review and Approve’s team will analyze your intake form and fill out the application for you in a way that maximizes the likelihood of your trademark application getting approved.

Step 3: Grow Your Business
Once your trademark application is filed and approved, your business will be more protected and ready for growth!
What's Included in this Package:
This package includes preparation and filing of your application with the US Trademarks Office, reporting and responding to non-substantive (procedural) office actions, reporting approval, publication, allowance, filing a Statement of Use with specimens provided by Client and reporting registration.

The maximum number of classes: Two. Professional fees for each additional class are $50.

  • Free recordal of company name and address ($100 Value for each). You will be responsible for applicable government fees. Expires – a year from the invoice date.
  • ​Unlimited consultations with Trademark Angel about your trademark (average of $200). Expires– two years from the invoice date.
  • ​After your trademark is registered, we will help you to get your brand registered with Amazon Brand Registry 2.0 (must ask separately within a month after your trademark is registered)
NOTICE: The following are NOT included with your purchase
Government fees, substantive office actions including those addressing confusion or descriptiveness, opposition proceedings.
Frequently Asked Questions:
Question: Who pays government fees?
Answer: You are always responsible for paying applicable government fees.

Question: When is re-filing possible?
Answer: Re-filing is possible only if the Trademarks Office issued a final refusal during the examination process to register your trademark on the Principal or Supplemental Register for all of the goods and services listed in the application.

Question: What if I change my mind about pursuing my trademark? What if I decide to re-brand? What if my trademark is opposed?
Answer: If you decide to abandon your trademark, simply change your mind about pursuing your trademark registration or if you decide to re-brand, we will not re-file for free. If your trademark is opposed by a 3rd party during the opposition period and if you choose not to defend it or if you lose during the opposition proceedings, we will not be able to re-file for free.

Question: Can I re-file for different goods and services?
Answer: No, free re-filing must be done for the same goods and services. You may decide not to include some goods and services, but you may not expand the original scope of the goods and services.

Question: Can I re-file in a different country?
Answer: No, free re-filing must be done in the same country where the original application was filed.

Question: Can I ask for money-back instead?
Answer: No, we do not offer money-back. Free re-filing offer has no monetary or cash value.

Question: How soon do I need to re-file?
Answer: Free re-filing offer must be used within 6 months after a client was notified of refusal by Trademark Angel.

Question: Do you actually register my brand with Amazon Brand Registry?
Answer: We will help you register your brand with Amazon Brand Registry. We have created a guide that we will share with you, if requested. However, you will apply yourself as this will lead to the fastest approval. With our step-by-step guide it's really easy to do and should not take more than 10 minutes. If you get stuck or need any help along the way, we will do our best to help you.
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